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Mobile Apps
iOS & Android

From food delivery to real-estate valuation, we build iOS and Android apps that carry your vision

Web Development
Experience, Limitless

We are obsessed with designing websites & web apps that deliver an unparalleled experience

Data & Analytics
Business Intelligence

Our expertise in databases, analytics and machine learning helps you drive data driven decisions

Machine Learning
Optimize, relentlessly

Apply AI to maximize revenue, increase engagement, automate sales prospecting and much more

Data Engineering
Data Storage & Pipelines

We deliver highly scalable data pipelines & storage solutions that power your business

DevOps & Cloud
Scalable infrastructure

We build cloud infrastructure that auto scales with demand to ensure cost efficient operations

Let's talk about your next challenge
Let's talk about your next challenge
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Mobile App Development

An innovative idea deserves an equally innovative execution! We create a seamless synthesis of the leading-edge technology, best in class Material Design and scalable infrastructure to deliver an experience that propels your vision.

Using next generation tools like React Native for development and Amazon Device Farm for testing, we are able to deliver native Android and iOS apps in half the time, at half the cost and with a bug-free experience across hundreds of devices.

We are always thrilled to share our learnings and insights about building scalable, commercial mobile apps

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Web Development

What does a "good website" look like?
Reinforced by our experience, we believe, it should be..

A thing of beauty

Intuitive web design is key in making your users feel at home. We start by building high fidelity prototypes in the first 24 hours and apply modern technologies like React, Angular and HTML5 to transform your complex needs into the simplest and coolest interactions.

A beast inside

We build using leading-edge technologies like NodeJS, Java, Python and Ruby that are interoperable, secure and fully scalable with demand. This strong foundation enables deliver advanced features like Browser Notifications, Conversational AI, Chatbots, CRM Integration and so much more!

An extrovert by nature!

Surfacing the right content, to the right audience and in the right channels defines the success of a website. Our Content & Optimization team practices that exact art and science - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Development, Developer Marketing, all working together to ensure that your website drives the quality traffic to support your business model.

Searching for the right development partner?

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Data & Analytics

“What gets measured, gets managed”
 Peter Drucker, Management Guru

Continuous learning & Relentless Optimization hold the key to success in today’s business landscape where business models are continuously disrupted by competition. With the advent of effective analytics tools like Tableau, PowerBI and QlikView, businesses are now able to formulate data driven actions and strategies at top-level Management, Operations, Supply Chain and Marketing.

We leverage Excel (VBA), PowerBI, Tableau, Hive, SQL, SAS, R, Python and H2O to deliver Customer Segmentation, Sales Forecasts, Business Operations Dashboards, Campaign ROI Dashboards, Upsell & Cross-Sell strategies, A/B Testing and much more.

Let’s talk about how we can help on next data challenge!

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Machine Learning

How does one image search a “hug”?

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has enabled companies to continuously find efficiencies at scale and drive business growth so much so that nearly 70 percent of large-scale corporations have adopted AI as a core part of their strategy.

Data driven businesses across all industries depend heavily on Machine Learning to optimize User Experience, perform Sentiment Analysis, develop Conversational AI, Personalize Content, design Effective Promotions, drive User Engagement, surface Product Recommendations, enable Fraud Detection, perform Capital Allocation and even discover new business models.

We construct a strong machine learning strategy that includes data pipelining and a unified platform for experimentation, development and deployment of algorithms. We use leading-edge open source tools like PyTorch, R, H2O, Python, TensorFlow and Spark to accomplish exactly that.

Curious how AI can help you unlock growth?

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Data Engineering

Capturing, Storing and Transforming data

Creating reliable data pipelines is the first step towards enabling AI and Analytics at any company. This foundation is essential in achieving a symbiotic synergy between data scientists and data engineers.

Our data engineering team is highly skilled in managing the entire data lifecycle - ingestion, transformation, storage and analysis. To achieve high reliability, fault tolerance and multi-database connections, we use the best open source tools like Airflow, Kafka, Spark and PrestoDB, Hive for orchestration and storage.

From database architecture to designing analytics databases to building relevant APIs to leverage databases, our data engineers are capable of handling projects end-to-end.

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DevOps & Cloud

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where”
 Paul Maritz, VMware CEO

Businesses across the globe are relying heavily on cloud computing in never-seen-before ways. Cloud enables businesses to handle exponential growth in traffic, data and complexity of operations while maintaining consistent security, scalability or big data analytics.

Whether you are building your next Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), our Cloud & DevOps engineers are highly skilled in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, to help you.

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devops and cloud computing

Leverage a top-notch Technology team

From building a website to designing the entire data architecture of your digital business, we partner, mentor and solve challenges with you

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