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In 20 years of consulting, we have developed an approach that goes beyond traditional benchmarks and applies technology to build a strong foundation that delivers quality, reliability, repeatibility & continuous innovation.

Managed Services
Turn Objectives into Results

We take on your objectives, end-to-end, and deliver solutions, training and the required change management to help you achieve your vision.

Process Improvement
Optimize, relentlessly

As your transformation partner, our analysts and engineers study your business processes to unlock latent incremental efficiency.

Quality Systems
Deliver reliability

With a deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape, we develop processes to achieve repeatable quality & compliance.

Lean Six Sigma
Quality centric Culture

Our Six Sigma services enable companies to continuously improve with a focus on Value Addition, ROI, Quality and Accountability

Let's talk about your next challenge
Let's talk about your next challenge
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Managed Services

Imagine if you could leverage a world-class IT team on-demand and at predictable costs. We work in sync with your internal teams to deliver solutions that increase reliability, reduce costs, increase order checkout rates, increase user engagement, automate customer support, improve customer satisfaction and in-turn deliver an enhanced user experience.

Whether your business demands require entire IT function to be outsourced or a few experts hands, we can help

  • Strategic Projects: We take on an entire project, commit to results and achieve key milestones that help you deliver on your strategic priorities
  • Staff Augmentation: As needs arise, our experts can seamlessly embed in your teams physically or remotely
  • Strategic Tools: Our experts can help with acquiring a new tool, end-to-end, including procurement, negotiation, deployment, onboarding, training & support.
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Lean Six Sigma

Ecom's Lean Six Sigma capabilities enable organizations to achieve repeatable quality and compliance. Embracing the 5-stage process DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), we guide you not only to eliminate errors and defects from your business processes but also establish a comprehensive quality improvement system. The cross-functional effectiveness and simplicity of Lean principles make Six Sigma a must across various industries like Aerospace, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Banking, Telecom, Financial Services and IT & Software.

Whether you are concerned about reducing costs, minimizing waste & rework, improving manufacturing processes or finding incremental margins, our lean six sigma approach works coherently with your business aspirations. Talk to us to learn how Ecom's Six Sigma services can help run a lean business.

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Process Improvement

At Ecom, we understand that optimizing business processes, end-to-end, is critical in maintaining that competitive edge and delivering a consistent experience. With a six step approach (Analyze → Re-model → Implement → Monitor → Manage → Automate) we set out to increase the efficiency of your business workflows.

We foresee challenges like, poor integration with legacy applications, ineffective training and development, poor change management and lack visibility into process performance.

Out approach minimizes disruption and applies state of the art tools from Appian, Oracle, IBM and Red Hat, Tableau, QlikView to deliver end-to-end solutions that include:

  • Dashboards supporting adaptive analytics, communication cycle and improve actionability
  • Integration, in early stages, with common ERP/CRM and other legacy systems, preventing chances of human errors
  • Agile methodology to attain measurable success through quick iterative cycles
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Quality Systems

Designing and implementing efficient Quality Systems & Manufacturing Programs is critical in ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering a dependable customer experience. Our Quality Engineers are well equipped in building, deploying and managing control processes that automate non value-add tasks, eliminate redundancies, highlight high risks, ensure effective training and minimize human error to achieve a reliable Quality System.

We have helped clients in Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software and Supply Chain industries to successfully implement Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), perform hundreds of Root Cause Analysis (RCA), develop automated Complaints Trending tools, achieve and maintain ISO, CE, UL and QS certifications and much more.

Talk to us to learn how our deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape & our strong expertise in automation can give you the edge you need to deliver quality products and services.

  • Implement quality and compliance programs to meet, sustain and exceed GMP/GDP/ISO requirements
  • Delivery Training on QMS, GDP, QSR
  • Take end-to-end ownership of Corrective Actions (CAPA)
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Schedule a Free Consultation

    Develop a customized quality program.

    Conduct training awareness throughout the organization

    Develop a product/process based approach, depending on the requirements

    Create control plans, design/process FMEAs and process capabilities

    Pass Cpk levels of 1.67 or above

Your Business Goal,

Our Next Challenge

We can help you create efficient processes and drive a cluture that consistently delivers quality and reliability

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